Wednesday, January 09, 2013


She showed up on his porch looking a little haggard.

He was surprised. It had been a few weeks since he had seen her. And after everything he wasn't surprised to see her looking so tired, she wore it well.
After all the details had come out into the open there had been more than a few choice words...between her and John, between him and John, between the three of them. And then the two of them had just...tacitly, agreed to a few weeks of silence.
Seeing her standing there he realized that this was just the moment he had begun to setttle into the idea that this might be a permanent arrangement, but he hadn't realized how bad that idea sounded.

Can I come in?

Ofcourse. He hugged her and let her in.

She was carrying a bottle in her hand, and she headed straight to his back porch.

You didn't have to bring that. I'm happy to offer you something.

Strange, ridiculously formal.Your best friends estranged wife shows up at your door with a bottle of bourbon and makes herself at home and you want to make sure your place as host is clear.

He sat, expectantly, waiting for her story. Waiting for what felt like news until she said to him, finally, I didn't come here to tell you anything today. I just wanted to see you...

I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen.

He nodded and went to sit next, to her. Taking her hand he realized it was the first time he had really done that.

Sitting there, looking out her yard he noted, Thats okay, that is why we do things, sometimes .

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